How do we battle boredom in the classroom?

Research has shown one in four Danish students were very bored often or most of the time in school. Mette Ledertoug and Nanna Paarup are challenging this status quo, asking: ‘How can we expect to create lifelong learners if we turn so many students off learning in school?’ Listen to how wellbeing frameworks (including the PERMA model) can build curiosity and engagement for teachers and students. Metta and Nanne explain how the question ‘Why are you at school?’ can instil a greater sense of meaning and purpose.


Dr Mette Ledertoug has a postdoc and MAs in Positive Education and Educational Psychology. A former school teacher in Denmark with over 20 years experience, she researches wellbeing and optimal learning in both primary and secondary education.
Nanna Paarup is a process consultant who delivers teacher training and helps develop professional learning communities. She is the author of a series of books about classroom management tools.