Lucy Hone: Coping with devastating grief

Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand speaks with Dr Lucy Hone about her personal and academic experience with devastating grief,  Listen here.

Deep diving on self-compassion…

Sue Langley of the Langley group recently spoke with Dr Denise Quinlan about her career and why she is in the wellbeing space, plus much much more. Listen here.

Self-care Sleuth!

Dr Lucy Hone recently spoke with Stuff about self care for cynics: Why ‘self-affirmation’ actually works, and how to start doing it. Read more here.

Collective Resilience

Read Dr Denise Quinlan’s article about how principals can strengthen their schools to cope with challenge and change here. See pages 17-20.

The ‘R’ word: Dr Lucy Hone on developing resilience

Dr Lucy Hone recently spoke with City Scape about how a wellbeing programme born in Christchurch is a bubble of hope helping people around the world deal with grief and develop resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘It’s like the loss happened yesterday’: prolonged grief is now a disorder in the US – so how long is too long to mourn?

Dr Lucy Hone recently spoke with The Guardian about how debilitating losing a loved one can be and whether a diagnosis could help, or are we medicalising a natural human emotion?

Healing Your Heart

The Hidden Brain is the number one podcast in the US in both science and social science categories. We’ve all heard about the five stages of grief. But what happens when your experience doesn’t follow that model at all? Resilience researcher Lucy Hone began to question how we think about grief after a devastating loss…

Why does it take so much courage to say no?

Dr Denise Quinlan recently had the pleasure of contributing to the publication PEPTALK. PEPTALK is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to make the skills to build a healthy mind accessible to all New Zealanders. The publication is visually appealing and relatable, making it easy to casually pick-up and digest empowering information for the whole…

Meg Mistry on how character development is key to a fulfilling life

We tend to think of our character as being set in stone. Yet for Virtues Project facilitator and wellness advocate Meg Mistry, a key to a fulfilling life means constantly redefining and developing our character—even into adulthood. She speaks with Dr Lucy Hone. Read the article here.

Honing in on hope

“The real challenge facing everyone right now is this uncertainty, which goes against everything we like as humans. … This then leads to feelings of frustration or ‘blahness’. … as humans we are incredibly adaptable and we can get through even the most shocking of circumstances and we can climb out of the worst of…

How becoming an ‘active participant’ can help you navigate through loss

Evelyn Lewin spoke to Lucy about how she discovered a new way to grieve. Read the full article here.

Whole-school wellbeing is a marathon not a sprint

Dr Denise Quinlan featured in Schoool News NZ on why more than ever, we need to focus on what is good and what is best for our students, our staff, our schools, and the communities that support us. She discusses building a solid foundation for whole-school wellbeing and why it takes time. Read more here.

Lucy demystifies the myths of burnout

6 ways to prevent burnout in yourself and others, what are the signs of burnout, and demystifying burnout myths. A succinct and useful guide by Dr Lucy Hone.  

What We Know About Grief 20 Years After 9/11—And How It’s Helping Us Cope With Loss From COVID-19

How can we begin to process the losses from the pandemic, which has pushed so many people into mourning and affected our mental and physical health? Insight learned from our collective grief two decades ago shows the way toward healing. Stephanie Booth from spoke with Lucy. Read the full article here.

Is your perfectionism wearing you down?

Lucy’s latest piece is about how to rein it in. “Perfectionism is the constant quest for absolute perfection, while resilience is about coping with life as it presents itself, with all of its sweetness, messiness, complications, setbacks, joys, and challenges.” Read Lucy’s article here.

Just how resilient are we?

A happy outcome for a couple whose resilience enabled them to flex in response to Covid and create a purpose-driven business, illustrating some of Lucy’s strategies she shared with CBS News.

Stronger Together

“Singapore has thankfully not experienced any terrorist attacks, is there any way we can prepare for it?” This was the question Channel NewsAsia asked us earlier this year as they sought to learn how to build community resilience from the devastating experiences of terror attacks in Christchurch, Manchester, and Surabaya. In this documentary, Dr Lucy…

Dance music, Divergent, Daphne du Maurier these are but a few of the things that will likely surprise you about Lucy Hone!

Lucy shares her favourite music, books, podcasts and movies with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ. If you don’t have time to listen now – save this post for later when you can turn the volume up and get into the music! Lucy also shares wise words about wellbeing, resilience and grief. And for the non-NZers, do…

Stuff – Acclaimed Christchurch speaker Lucy Hone’s resilience speech named in TED Talks’ top 20 list for 2020

Lucy’s TED talk is featured alongside esteemed speakers such as American business magnate Bill Gates, author Elizabeth Gilbert and Holocaust survivor Werner Reich. Of the about 200,000 TEDx talks that have been given around the world since 2009, fewer than 1000 have made it to the main website, and of the hundreds of talks given…

TVNZ TV1 Breakfast – “Kiwi mum makes Top 20 TED talks list”

Lucy interviewed on Breakfast TV One about her TED talk, COVID, resilience, connections between us and how adversity doesn’t discriminate.

TED How to be a Better Human Podcast – How to cultivate resilience and get through tough times

Life can throw curveballs that you feel wholly unprepared for– just ask Dr. Lucy Hone, a resilience researcher, who tragically lost her 12-year-old daughter in a road accident. While all of us may experience tragedy in our lives, not everyone knows how to manage it. In this episode, Dr. Hone shares the strategies that got…

The Guardian – I’m a survivor! How resilience became the quality we all crave

During the pandemic it has become a buzzword for successfully steering through adversity. But what exactly is resilience – and can you cultivate more of it? “…even if you are lucky enough to have been unscathed so far, many of us have felt a sense of loss during Covid, says Lucy Hone… “We’ve lost our… – NZ’s Lucy Hone’s resilience conversation named in TED Talk’s ‘Top 20 of 2020’

“In the blink of an eye I found myself flung to the other side of the equation. Instead of being the resilience expert, I became the grieving mother trying to wrap my head around unthinkable news with my world smashed to smithereens. In my talk, I shared the three strategies I relied upon to help…

Scoop – NZ’s Lucy Hone’s Resilience Conversation Named In TED Talk’s ‘Top 20 Talks Of 2020’ List – Alongside Bill Gates

“More importantly though is the impact of Lucy’s work. People who have shared it on Twitter have described it as “a brilliant and empathetic way to build resilience for those who struggle with grief”; “an absolute must listen”, and, “great advice for tough times”.

Good Magazine – New Zealander’s resilience conversation named in TED Talk’s Top 20 of 2020

Of the approximately 200,000 TEDx talks that have been given around the world since 2009, fewer than 1,000 have made it to Initially presented to a local audience at TEDx Christchurch, Hone’s heart-wrenching talk resonated so powerfully with the live audience and subsequently online it’s now been viewed nearly 3 million times – elevating…

NZ Women’s Weekly – A mother’s grief: Life without my daughter

Facing a parent’s worst nightmare, Lucy Hone struggled hard to accept the good in this world.

RNZ National – Don’t let gloom steal your hope

Resilience researcher and author Dr Lucy Hone joins Kathryn Ryan on RNZ National Nine to Noon with tips on how to reduce anxiety and stop unhelpful catastrophising. 

MoreMind – The Power of Resilience

Lucy shares with Liz Joy Oakley the power of resilience during tough times & the ways we can practice resilience to support our wellbeing. Featuring the inner critic, self-compassion, grief, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and breathwork.

TEDx – The Three Secrets of Resilient People

With over 3 million views, Lucy’s talk was in the top 20 for 2020

The New York Times

Lucy’s tips for resilience in troubled times, like the global pandemic, are shared in this New York Times article.

Insight Timer – Resilient Grieving: Finding Strength & Embracing Life After Loss

As a resilience researcher and trainer, it’s Dr Hone’s job to be familiar with the range of evidence-based strategies that science shows help people cope with adversity, loss and change. When her 12 year old daughter was tragically killed in a car accident, Lucy was appalled by the passive tone and out-dated advice provided by…

Habits of Leadership Podcast – Resilience in Challenging Times

An interview with Dr Lucy Hone who discusses how to respond to challenging circumstances with resiliency. Lucy discusses how positive psychology can be used to devise strategies for managing grief, pain and emotional distress. This is Episode 30 of the Habits Of Leadership podcast hosted by Tim Perkins and Dan Haesler from Cut Through Coaching.…

Unity Online Radio – Building Resilience

Tough times are inevitable. Wellbeing and resilience expert Lucy Hone, Ph.D., shares the three straightforward tactics that she used to get through her darkest days of grief and sorrow with Suzanne Giesemann (former commanding officer in the US Navy and aide to the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff) on Unity Online Radio Messages…

BBC and The Open University – How can we build more resilient societies? And how can you boost your resilience?

Leading resilience expert Dr Lucy Hone shares some tools in this animated video. Animation by Kong Studio.  “So why is it important for a country to be resilient? Because it enables us to mobilise our resources faster. And in that, I mean everything from portaloos to trust. Think about our ever-changing environments that we know…

2021 HRNZ Winter Issue – Fact or fiction: building resilient teams?

Whatever your interest in human resources, no doubt your inbox is flooded with companies offering resilience training right now. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, Dr Lucy Hone shared her insights with HRNZ on how to build resilience. Read more here 2021 HRNZ Winter Magazine ISSUU Wellbeing Lucy Hone

Resilience expert Dr Lucy Hone shares advice for coping with 2020

Emma Clifton speaks to those at the coalface about the challenges of living through a pandemic and where they’re finding hope. Dr Lucy Hone discusses why resilience isn’t about being stoic and how we need to approach these uncertain times like a marathon not a sprint. Read more …

TED Ideas – Sorrow and tragedy will happen to us all — here are 3 strategies to help you cope

Tough times are inevitable. Wellbeing and resilience expert Lucy Hone shares the three straightforward tactics that she used to get through her darkest days. This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through all the posts…