Want to build resilient teams?

Our engaging keynotes, live training, webinars and online resources will help you embed the language and actionable skills of Resilient Mindsets across your organisation.

“Really good sessions, well presented, engaging and thought provoking.”

Kick start your resilience at work programme with a keynote from our co-founders Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan. Recognised as international thought-leaders in the field, let them build understanding and buy-in for resilience in your workplace.

Unrivalled for their experience, both Lucy and Denise have been researching and communicating how to build personal, team and organisational resilience for decades.

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Supporting Sustainable High Performance

Faced with increasing workload, hyperconnectivity, fragmented attention, and spiralling expectations, we understand the critical need to build your organisation’s capacity for resilience. Let us help you lay the foundations for a positive organisational culture, psychological safety and high-quality connections through our live and pre-recorded training modules.

“The pace was fast, but I felt like that honoured people’s time (and it was all leaders), relevant learnings which were clearly outlined and easy to take away.”

Ryman Leadership (August 2021)

The Resilient Leaders Series

Promoting wellbeing in the workplace relies on good leadership. We have curated this suite of one-hour workshops around content that business leaders have told us responds to their most pressing needs. These two distinct series of four workshops will enable greater resilience in your people leaders and their teams.

Series A The Resilient Leader: Leading through uncertainty and change is an introduction to resilient mindsets full of practical tips and actionable strategies

Series B The Resilient Leader: Managing stress and avoiding burnout focuses more tightly on how to harness stress for peak performance, and tools and tips to stay in the growth zone for effective leadership and learning

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“One of the best facilitators I’ve ever worked with. Really good session, well presented, engaging and thought provoking.”

The Griffins Food Company (July 2021)

Realtime Resilience for your Teams

This accessible workshop series equips staff with the common language and actionable steps to combat stress and support sustainable high performance. Delivered in a highly interactive and engaging way, each session covers the essential components of resilient mindsets.

Topics include mental agility, avoiding catastrophising, performance mindsets, overcoming self-sabotage, managing stress and avoiding burnout and strategies for effective work relationships.

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Why wellbeing at work?

Wellbeing is not only good for people, it’s good for business.

Approximately $1.79 billion each year is lost due to workplace absence and stress


Organisations that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the industry average by approximately 10% on the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index

2.3x ROI

Every dollar spent creating a mentally healthy workplace has an average return on investment of 2.3x according to research by Beyond Blue and PwC

Greater employee engagement

Reduced staff turnover

Increased profitability and productivity

Greater information sharing within teams

Enhanced performance under pressure

Increased job satisfaction

Fewer work injuries

Lower healthcare costs