How can we help parents – as well as children – to learn about wellbeing?

In this interview, Dr Ase Fagerlund shares the story of a multi-year, multi-school project she has led in Finland. As well as working with schools to support teaching of wellbeing to students, Ase also worked with groups of parents to help them find engagement, meaning, hope and flow. Listen to Ase share her insights from these projects (and find out how a Swedish scientist living in Finland came to speak Te Reo Māori!)



Dr Ase Fagerlund is a neuroscientist and psychologist, who has been leading research with schools and their communities in Finland.  Ase led a research project in schools that worked with students to support strengths, compassion and happiness, and also worked with parents using strength-based approaches to build engagement, meaning, hope and flow – this was part of a bigger “Flourishing Families” study. Ase has also conducted research into interventions to support first-time parents, and the impact of foetal alcohol syndrome on child development.