Where has PodEd been and where are we going?

In this episode, Denise speaks to Mathew White who has been involved in PosEd since its inceptions.  Mathew has taught at St Peter’s Adelaide, and  Geelong Grammar.  Mathew suggests the first wave of PosEd was characterized by zest and enthusiasm while now there is more questioning – checking that work is appropriate for context and backed by evidence. Listen to the journey of this field and learn about how the experts suggest we move forward.


Associate Professor Mathew White is a researcher and program director of the Master of Education at the School of Education at the University of Adelaide. He is also a Principal Fellow in Melbourne Graduate School of Education and an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne. Mathew’s research focuses on educational leadership, strategic planning, and wellbeing. He is the President of the International Positive Psychology Education Division and a member of the Association’s Council of Advisors.