Why does paying attention to culture matter for Wellbeing?

In this episode, Denise and Brenda discuss how families and schools can work together to build a resilient context for community members. Internal resources are only part of the equation for strengthening wellbeing and resilience. Brenda argues that we need to think about wellbeing in terms of the collective. story. Learn how Brenda has worked with indigenous groups in Australia to adapt social and emotional learning programmes to suit their context.



Dr Brenda Dobaia is a senior lecturer in the School of Education at Western Sydney University and a senior researcher in the Centre for Educational Research. Brenda led resources development for KidsMatter, the Australian national primary schools mental health initiative, and undertook research into its ‘adaptation’ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families. She is continuing her research into developing and implementing culturally appropriate school-based interventions to support the resilience and wellbeing of Aboriginal youth.