Can coaching be about whole-system change as well as individual support?

In this interview with Denise Quinlan, Christian van Niewerburgh explains why coaching is not an indulgence – at its heart, coaching is about being able to support the wellbeing of others. Christian values the range of ways coaching can support wellbeing in education: teachers offering wellbeing coaching to each other, students coaching their peers, and coaching being used to develop and strengthen teacher professional practice. When a school is doing all of this work, the school social climate also improves. Listen to Christian explain why coaching skills are vital life skills for educators and students alike.

Professor Christian van Niewerburgh’s work and passion is the application of coaching and positive psychology in education. Currently based in the UK, Christian works around the world, supporting schools to build staff and student wellbeing. He is an executive coach, researcher, educational consultant and the author of numerous books on coaching including Coaching in Education, and The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in schools. He works with schools, colleges and universities in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, delivering training and professional learning.