At the NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, we are encouraging our team and clients to view the next few weeks at home as an opportunity to invest in some things that are important to us; turning distress into growth, boredom into flow, languishing into flourishing.

At our first team meeting during this Covid-19 rāhui, Lucy asked us all to think about one thing we had done already or could work towards during this strange new time. Answers varied from perfecting pancakes to online yoga to a lofty attempt at completing study.

When it was Debs, our fab office manager’s turn, she replied with typical understatement, “I’m hoping to do one thing for love, one for business and one for myself.”

With that, the NZIWR COVID Challenge was born. Don’t think this a pressure for productivity, it’s merely a framework to fill the buckets of our lives during this homebound time. Actively building our wellbeing will mean we can be stronger down the road.

We can use this time wisely to find flow, grow and continue finding ways to flourish in the face of uncertainty.

So please join us on the NZIWR COVID Challenge and celebrate the small wins every day. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Every step counts:

  • What 3 things do you want to commit to during this time?
  • One thing for love; one thing for work; one thing for self.

Hang in there. He waka eke noa.