How do different schools address wellbeing?

In this interview, Clive and Denise discuss harnessing ‘positive deviance’ in schools to move towards Flourishing. Clive explains why it’s important to acknowledge teachers who are already doing a lot to grow student wellbeing, and to help staff understand the research around wellbeing and resilience. Engaging staff and students can be different across different institutions, but Clive has identified themes common to all of them. Learn how schools must strike a balance between ‘giving wellbeing a go’ and adopting a strategic plan.


Clive Leach is an experienced organisational coach, group facilitator and public speaker who has a background in youth work and teaching. Based in the UK, he works internationally in corporate, community and public sectors. Clive helps people to make effective and sustained changes that facilitate flourishing, performance, productivity and success. He uses evidence-informed strategies to help others go from good to great.