What can schools do to help staff and students engage with learning about wellbeing?

Rhiannon McGee is charged with overseeing how wellbeing is supported throughout Geelong Grammar School and how it is taught to students from early years to high school. She explains the range of strategies they use to work with staff and students including a 3-day initial training for staff followed by optional ‘top-ups’ and ‘deep dives’. This learning is augmented and supported by a school-wide coaching approach for both staff and students.


Rhiannon McGee is the Head of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School, leading the school’s wellbeing program across four campuses. Prior to this role, Rhiannon held a range of leadership roles, supported by post-graduate study in wellbeing and positive psychology. Rhiannon is passionate about the promotion of community wellbeing and furthering the field of Positive Education.