How do schools actually get started and build buy in?

In this podcast, Denise and Sonya discuss implementing a Wellbeing Agenda at Taipei European School to address student wellbeing concerns and enhance school culture. Working with UK-based executive coach Clive Leach, the school designed a three-year plan to address Whole-School Wellbeing. Year 1 was dedicated to learning the research around positive psychology for the staff including staff training in coaching. Year 2 brought positive psychology and Positive Education practices to students. Year 3 was focused on embedding and bringing Positive Education to students’ families and the wider community. Sonya shares how this plan is unfolding in her school.

Sonya Papps is the Head of the British Secondary and High School Section at Taipei European School (TES). Sonya is responsible for all aspects of the leadership of teaching and learning across the section. Currently TES has about 1,450 students, with the majority of students in the British section.

Additional Resources
The Educator’s Guide to Whole-School Wellbeing will be available in early 2020.