Sally, our Client Services wonder, is someone you might know. If you have lived anywhere within a 2km radius of Sally, she’s probably fed you, loaned you her car and offered you her left kidney. She’s just that kind of amazing woman.  In the short time I’ve known her (a year) she has tried to wrap more support around me from 361km away than you’d think was humanly possible.

In the face of legal lockdown, Sally was thinking about everyone else. As she does.  This includes her mother-in-law ‘Muffy’ – 79 and living in a Ryman retirement village. Muffy’s 80th birthday over Easter is cancelled and she is in full isolation. Nobody goes into her room, nobody goes out.

In the closing hours of civic freedom, Sally bought Muffy an iPad and had one of her strapping young sons deliver it. He wasn’t even allowed within 1km of the building.

Sally is very mindful that Muffy is fortunate. Her room has beautiful views, her care is second to none, but not all of her peers will be so lucky.  So how do we stay connected with our elders during this challenging, isolating time?

The Murrays do it like this: eldest brother, Andrew, and his wife, Sara, came up with a plan – The Murray Family Quiz

The rules went out via email, along with the Zoom link (free for video conferencing if your sessions are less than 40 minutes).


  1. Pen and paper only – NO devices (this will be strictly enforced!)
  2. 30 questions – break to refuel at 15 but stay online
  3. Scoring at the end
  4. A tally is to be kept each week with a leader board
  5. Please mute microphone so you can discuss answers in your bubble – without others hearing what you say!
  6. _______________ are the quiz masters this week – appoint different family member each week
  7. Quizmasters are final arbitrators
  8. Choose a week to sign up as Quizmaster
  9. Every Sunday 4.30pm.

The Murray whānau teams last Sunday Zoomed in from Wanaka, Sumner, Rangiora, Halswell, Sydney, Kaiteriteri and Kerikeri

The quiz was a great success with members of the whanāu checking in from across the map. Even ‘Muffy’ from Ryman joined in with her new iPad.  She won the first round with only audio as her video hadn’t worked.  She was apparently gutted as she’d dressed for the occasion and donned her lipstick especially.

A bit of fun and connection goes a long way in supporting our community and our own wellbeing.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Whanāu Quiz, we’ve attached last week’s questions below. You’ll have to replace the family-specific questions with your own quirky, intergenerational facts. Do share your pics with us on our FB page: @NZIWR and we’ll post some on Insta too @Bringing_Wellbeing_To_Life



  1. Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Boris Johnson
  2. How many toilets are at (insert family member’s name here)’s house?
  3. What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
  4. Which of the 7 dwarfs has the longest name? Bashful
  5. Which NZ filmmaker won an Oscar for best director in 2003? Peter Jackson
  6. Which NZer was the first person to split the atom in 1919? Ernst Rutherford
  7. How many pets does the oldest participant in this quiz have?
  8. The highest mountain in the North Island? Ruapahau
  9. Where was the 1999 Super Rugby final played? Carisbrook
  10. Who was the captain of the losing team in the 1999 super rugby final? Tane Randell
  11. What is the fourth prime number in the number system? 7
  12. What newspaper did superman work for when he wasn’t being super? Daily Planet
  13. What does the letter DC stand for in Washington DC? District of Columbia
  14. How many countries of the world start with the letter Z 2 Zambia and Zimbabwe
  15. How many seconds in an hour? 3600


*****DRINKS BREAK: stay online**********


  1. In ‘Game of Thrones’, what family comes from Casterly Rock? Lannisters
  2. Which two participants in this quiz are closest in age?
  3. How many face cards excluding the Joker are in a pack of cards? 12
  4. How far in kilometres do the oldest and youngest participants live from each other. Best guess wins.
  5. What is the smallest country in the world? Vatican City
  6. What famous new year’s poem did Robert Burns write? Alud Lang Syne
  7. TIMER NEEDED: How many makes of car can you write down in 30 seconds starting. NOW – Stop
  8. How many months of the year have 31 days JMMJAOD? 7
  9. How many different colours of balls are used in snooker incl white 8 YGBBPBRW
  10. What national park is closest to Wanaka? Mt Aspiring
  11. What was Muffy’s first personalised number plate?
  12. What solar system planet is farthest from earth? Pluto
  13. What is the main ingredient in guacamole? Avocado
  14. Who played Danny Ocean in the movies Oceans 11, 12 & 13? George Clooney
  15. How many fingers including thumbs did Grandpuff have as an adult?

Hang in there. He waka eke noa.