This week, Denise spoke with Anna Mowat, content creator for Sparklers and they discussed strategies for people looking after young children including:

  1. Look after yourself – that means lowering the bar – expect less of yourself and others during this time. And forgive your mistakes.
  2. Emotions may run high –do what keeps you and your children calm. The goal is calm, not high achievement
  3. Learn together – find something that interests you as well as the children and try it out together. Be prepared to learn from your children.
  4. What strengths will help you? Think about the strengths of the people in your bubble and your environment. You have strengths to draw on
  5. Let go of screentime battles. Let it go. This is a temporary situation.
  6. Create a DIY Planner. Routine will be your friend – especially when your children have helped create it. Use Sparklers at Home to create a planner that needs no printer. Just a few crayons or pens.

NZIWR™ Real-time Resilience #10 Sparklers@Home with Anna Mowat (6:09) from NZIWR™ on Vimeo.

You can listen to the podcast of their conversation here.

Remember to go to Sparklers at Home for practical and easy to use resources and support for parents