Q: How can leaders embed sustainable wellbeing change?

In this interview, Denise talks to Charlie Scudamore, a visionary educator and Vice Principal at Geelong Grammar School who has been leading wellbeing in his community for over 10 years.  Charlie reveals how positive psychology was introduced at his school and the lasting benefits of creating a widespread wellbeing culture in education.  Student, teachers, operational staff, parents and grandparents have all been trained in positive psychology. Listen to find out why Charlie says ‘when you feel blue, touch green’.



Charlie Scudamore, BA Hons, PGCE Oxon: Vice Principal Geelong Grammar School, joined Geelong Grammar School in 1990. Since 2006, Charlie has been responsible for the development and implementation of Positive Education throughout the organisation. He has presented on Positive Education at many conferences in Australia and internationally. Charlie is also on the Boards of the International Positive Education Network (IPEN)and Positive Education Schools Association Board (PESA). At the MAPP Summit Professor Marty Seligman presented Charlie with the Pioneer Award for Positive Psychology, for pioneering work in the application of Positive Psychology. In his role as Vice Principal he devotes much of his time working with the Institute of Positive Education and leads the School’s focus on Creative Education and Indigenous Education.