What does embedding wellbeing look like further down the road?

In this podcast, Denise and David talk about the challenges and successes St Peter’s faced in implementing positive psychology in boys’ education, working alongside staff, students and families. David shares lessons learned at his school over a decade of wellbeing work – and starting with the staff is lesson number one. Ensuring staff have the knowledge, buy in and confidence to teach wellbeing is critical for success, and schools need to support staff development with time and resourcing.

David Kolpak is the Head of Junior Years at St Peter’s College, Adelaide, Australia. With 28 years’ experience as a leader and teacher in primary education, David is responsible for the design and delivery of Positive Education programs delivered to students from Kindergarten to Year 8, ensuring that positive education is embedded across all curriculum areas.

Additional Resources
The Educator’s Guide to Whole-School Wellbeing will be available in early 2020.