How can we remind people that they are part of a collective and that a collective can solve anything?

In this podcast Denise talks with Dr Chris Jansen about leading change. In contrast to old models of the heroic leader dashing in to save us all, Chris emphasises the need for everyone to be involved in finding the solutions to solve the problems we face. Listen to Chris’ experience of supporting change in education and why he believes that if we can come together and respect and learn from each other, we can solve any problem.


Dr Chris Jansen, is a director with Leadership Lab where he works alongside organisations in the education, health, social services and community sectors. He is involved in the design and delivery of leadership development programmes, change management initiatives, organisational capability and strategic planning.  Chris is particularly passionate about the wellbeing of Māori and Pasifika young people and their whanau/communities. He also regularly facilitates workshops and presentations at conferences and with a range of organisations around New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and Asia.