How can we look through our cultural lens and see our common humanity?

Tayyab explains to Denise how his experience of living in other cultures has taught him to notice variation within each culture. He encourages us to notice that variation rather than stereotyping, and to always pay attention to our shared humanity. After working with people from many and varied cultures he believes there is good in all of us. Listen as Tayyab explains how open-mindedness, respect and curiosity can help us learn about other cultures, and why faith, resilience and flexibility are strengths he is proud of in his fellow Muslims.

Dr. Tayyab Rashid, clinical psychologist, has worked with individuals from many cultures experiencing severe and complex mental health issues. He has worked with individuals experiencing with severe trauma, including 9/11 families, survivors of Asian Tsunami of 2004 and Syrian refugee families. He also works with marginalized youth from ethnic minorities and their families. Tayyab visited Christchurch in July 2019 to offer support for the Muslim community following the terror attacks on this community in March 2019.

His book Positive Psychotherapy along with Martin Seligman, is considered the most comprehensive in the field and has been translated in five languages since its publication in late 2018.

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