Problem & Project Based Learning for Wellbeing

Boost student achievement, engagement and wellbeing by offering learners the opportunity to experience an authentic and relevant learning experience founded upon their own strengths, values, and passions, connected to a meaningful driving purpose. Support teacher wellbeing by shifting students into the driving seat, giving teachers a supporting role. 

Suitable for teachers, middle and senior leadership, this interactive webinar provides a compelling rationale and evidence for adopting a PBL approach to teaching and learning within and across subjects and learning areas. Participants will learn:

  • The difference between Project & Problem Based Learning
  • The nature, reality and benefits of using a PBL approach
  • How you and your students can find your ‘Why’ for PBL
  • The key elements and components of a strong PBL programme
  • How and why PBL supports student and teacher wellbeing

Trainer: Rowan Taigel

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Educator Wellbeing while Running on Two Treadmills — Practical Strategies & Teacher Hacks for Wellbeing in the Moment

Pay it forward to yourself by joining us in this session where we share the best teacher hacks for wellbeing and workload reduction. Find out how others are managing the multiple Zoom meetings (classes, staff meetings, team meetings, parent meetings), navigating the world of setting and assessing work online, relationship building through the screen, connecting with colleagues without a staffroom, avoiding the internet overwhelm of a million resources, and finding time to look after your own wellbeing.

This webinar is suitable for all educators. Participants will come away with:

    • Top evidence-based strategies for boosting your own wellbeing.
    • Teacher hacks for:


    • Maintaining connections & relationships with colleagues
    • Sharing workload
    • Supporting student engagement and wellbeing
    • Boosting efficiency and productivity
    • Managing competing demands on your time and energy

Trainer: Rowan Taigel

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Meaningful Appraisal for Wellbeing in 2020

Place a wellbeing lens over your appraisal process by using a Critical Friends coaching approach that teachers can use with their colleagues online. This style of appraisal is high trust, low fuss and highly relevant for a future-focused and online way of working. Pay it forward to yourself by meeting the Education Council standards via an approach that is particularly suitable and meaningful in the current educational setting, and beyond.

Aimed at senior leadership, but suitable for teachers and middle leaders, this interactive webinar provides a compelling rationale for adopting a high-trust, wellbeing approach to the appraisal process. Participants will learn:

  • The latest appraisal guidelines from the Education Council (refresher)
  • The rationale for a Critical Friends (CF) approach vs a hierarchical / waterfall approach to appraisal.
  • The key elements to a successful CF model of appraisal
  • Benefits & potential challenges to the CF model of appraisal

Trainer: Rowan Taigel

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