‘Choose life – don’t lose what you have to what you’ve lost’ – Dr Lucy Hone

Denise talks with Dr Lucy Hone on how she chose life and resilience after the tragic death of her beloved 12-year-old daughter. Lucy shares how she learned to navigate her own grief in a resilient way, and is now sharing the tools she has successfully used and adapted with others around the world.

Listen to learn how people can make sense of even devastating loss and rebuild their lives while keeping loving bonds with those they have lost.

**New episodes of Coping with Loss available weekly from 3 February 2021.**



Dr Lucy Hone’s research is published internationally and her PhD was acknowledged for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing science. Author of Resilient Grieving: Finding Strength and Embracing Life After a Loss That Changes Everything, Lucy’s depth of knowledge and first and experience of coping with trauma, challenge and change, has seen her increasingly featured in international media including the Guardian and the Washington Post, the BBC and ABC, Channel News Asia, Swedish Television, The Bolt Report Australia and TVNZ. Lucy’s TED talk, The Three Secrets of Resilient People has gone viral, transporting her work around the world.

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