How can a bracelet strengthen wellbeing across the globe?

Denise talks to Locky McWilliam, founder of Band4Hope. His aim? To increase kindness, hope and the spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient African philosophy meaning ‘humanity to others’. Learn why Locky wants us to wear and share hope.



Locky McWilliam, founder of Band4Hope, is a tech consultant and a social entrepreneur.  Value-driven and creative, he is a passionate adventurer and traveller who is inspired by the world to help others through next-generation technology, communications and leadership.


The lowdown

The Band4Hope organisation has been selling copper bracelets, made by artisans from Zimbabwe, since 2012, to connect people worldwide and inspire hope, as well as supporting communities in the developing world. The bracelets are designed to be passed on, creating an opportunity to embody the African spirit of Ubuntu – of humanity – of feeling connected and caring for our fellow humans.

A sense of community and connection with others is a great source for wellbeing for us. Band4Hope is an example of how giving to others and demonstrating that we care, can increase that connection with friends and even strangers. It also reminds us that we benefit from receiving help from others, and from giving help to others.

Although we live in a world full of online, virtual communities, where people find it easy to withdraw and be isolated from each other, simple ideas like Band4Hope help to keep us connected as a community in a more traditional sense.

Connecting with our meaning and purpose – our ‘why’ – by doing things with our lives which feel worthwhile, even on a small scale, can support our wellbeing. Living in alignment with our values improves quality of life.


Additional resources

Check out the Band4Hope website to find out more about the work they do or to purchase a bracelet:

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